Mission Statement

By providing relevant referral marketing instruction, continuous support and compassionate consulting to develop a unified personal network, the Referral Institute creates communities of like minded, successful entrepreneurs who generate amazing business and aspire to a spectacular life!

Referral Institute


The Referral Institute is a training, coaching, and consulting company that helps people create Referrals For Life® We offer professionals a systematic way to gain more business by referral. Our training programs ensure that our clients understand the 3 Core Competencies to referral marketing which are:

1) To gain the right referral marketing education

2) To stay immersed and engaged in the information

3) and to make sure that their referral network gets trained by the experts

The Co-owners for Referral Institute Contra Costa are Maile Collmer and Dawn Lyons. We are dedicated to helping our clients create an elite referral network. We believe that only by creating a strong team of people who are referring you proactively and consistently will you ever achieve superior results in referral marketing. Let us help you create your referral team today!

There are many benefits for doing business by referral. 1) you have business coming TO YOU; 2) the prospective client tends to be less “price sensitive”; and 3) you have perceived trust with the client because you were referred. What does this mean??? YOU have a HIGHER closing ratio on your appointments and have referred business coming to you with a more consistent flow!

WHY REFERRALS? Do most business owners want more business by referral? YES! However, how many of them have a referral marketing plan for their business? Not many. The Referral Institute provides several options of 3 hour, half day, and full day referral marketing training programs.

Our most successful students are those who enroll in our Referrals For Life® program. They are the ones who believe that they need more education around referral marketing, they stay engaged in the training programs, and they bring their referral network to the Referral Institute® in order to get them professionally trained. In other words, the Referrals For Life® program allows its’ students to complete the 3 Core Competencies and become incredibly successful in their referral marketing strategies!

Please browse our site to learn more about our programs. Our hope is that we will see you at a training program very soon so we can help YOU create Referrals For Life®!